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– the truck can be purchased at level 0 but also supports player progression (level up to unlock more parts),
– parts prices are set to match SCS trucks,
– 9 engines (5 varinats of Cummins X15 and 4 variants of PACCAR MX-13) with real specs and awesome sounds by Kriechbaum. One of PACCAR engines is multitorque (455MT) with higher torque in overdrive gears (gear ratio < 1.0), for instance 8L and 8H in 13 and 18 speed transmissions,
– 13 transmissions – 5 manual, 5 automated and 3 automatic – all based on real specs,
– the shifter inside the cab will change based on selected transmission and will show the proper gears layout for selected manual transmission (10, 13, 15 and 18 speeds),
– 3 cabin options – day cab, 40-ich flat top sleeper and 76-inch mid-roof sleeper,
– 5 chassis variants – all 6×4 with different wheel bases and tank sizes,
– 5 interior variants,
– 5 customizable painjobs and a few predefined paint colors,
– mod includes a custom made small light pack so you can fill up all the light slots without the need to install separate light packs,
– custom made CB radio (Cobra 29 LX) with wobbling cord
– the truck is available in quick jobs (also in heavy and oversized jobs),
– support for SiSL Mega Pack and SCI steering wheels (separate mods),
– support for advanced coupling,
– support for trailer cables,
– accurate shadows and collision boxes.

Changelog (since I removed everything besides meshes (and some meshes as well), most things were made a new – here are only the most important changes or the ones I can still remember):
– optimized meshes,
– all new textures and materials (not a single texture from the old mod left),
– removed all definitions (accessories, cabins, interiors, chassis, engines, transmission, sounds, etc.) and made new ones,
– removed all sounds and integrated Kriechbaums x15 and mx13,
– removed animated doors,
– remade all the interior animations and added a few new ones,
– rescaled interior to match exterior (interior was like 1.2x bigger than exterior),
– moved interior to match with exterior 1:1,
– removed high-roof sleeper – there is no such option for w990 and looks ridiculous,
– merged day cab and sleeper models into single model with variants,
– merged chassis models into single model with variants,
– merged interior day cab and sleeper models into single model with variants,
– replaced rear suspension and axles models (they were the same as in Mack Anthem) with custom made AirGlide 460,
– replaced rear lights models (again the same as in Mack Anthem) with custom made models,
– replaced rear full fenders with custom made ones,
– replaced engine and front suspension models with low poly models from w900,
– added 5 new paintjobs – removed old ones because of UV change,
– unwrapped UVs of all truckpaint part to create a new, better template for skinners,
– made the sleeper cab extenders a separate accessory,
– changed shape of the back of sleeper roof so that is has a round edge/corners,
– made cab panels a separate accessory,
– fixed ext_interior model – there were lots of holes,
– changed size of interior sleeper windows to match exterior model,
– added curtains and custom made lamp models to the sleeper interior,
– completly reworked day cab interior back wall and roof (the roof is from t680),
– removed all shadow casters of all parts and made new ones,
– removed all colliders and made new ones,
– added colliders to main mirrors – now you can hit thigs with them so be careful ;),
– added collider to the bullbar,
– added 2 sunvisors from t680 and added light slots to them,
– replaced hi-poly front bumpers with w900 front bumpers,
– added light slots to front bumpers,
– added a custom made light pack,
– remade day cab exhaust pipes,
– reworked sleeper exhast pipes to not collide with the cab and to not cover the doors,
– removed all chassis variants and made new ones with wheel bases based on real trucks,

Credits: scs, harven, frank
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