Tesla Semi Truck with Trailer 2019 (1.31.x) for ATS

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Tesla Semi Truck with Trailer 2019 (1.31.x) for ATS

-2 Cabins
-A very modern and minimalist interior
-Two screens on both sides of the steering wheel, navigation route
-2 Chassis
-Trice of 6×4
-Automatic system

The Tesla Semi Truck looks very modern and futuristic.
It is a real high quality model, with detailed interior.
The doors can be opened.

Tesla Semi Truck is ready to be tested in ATS.

Note: In this model, battery charge, sound or some detail, is not affiliated or supported at the moment for obvious reasons, or may be the model you are watching. For now enjoy the mod!

Credits: SCS, Franck Peru, Yekko Yek, Argarwen, Andis Kreps
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8 Responses

  1. Joseph McCray says:

    Took this out for a 400 mile test drive. Two observations; You need to add a resettable trip meter on the first page of the left computer screen. This is an absolute must. Second you need some indicator that cruise control has been engaged/disengaged.

    Make these two changes and you will have one of the best trucks in the game.

  2. Joseph McCray says:

    OK I did some digging in the SCS modding wiki and came up with the codes to make these changes.

    1210 Trip Distance
    1240 Cruise Control
    1100 Cruise Control Speed (Child of 1240)

    If you would like me to test these out just let me know.

  3. Ernest Keller says:

    Tried this on v1.31.1 on Ubuntu 18.04, but it does not work (couldn’t see anything above about it not working on Linux, so please forgive if I missed it). ATS loads, but crashes as soon as I try to buy the Tesla. If I remove it, ATS works perfectly again. I do not have any other mods installed (yet).

    Thank you

  4. Caleb Thornsbury says:

    i download the mod and the truck works, but theres not texture. Someone help

  5. thefallen0ne says:

    I tried and the trucn won’t move it’ll go foward a little than stops and just doesn’t work and tsnes forever to load.. help please!!

  6. HyperBlueSmart says:

    I think this is the most glitchy mod for American Truck Simulator

  7. Raptor says:

    Doesnt work on 1.38 game loads and crashes every time this mod is active

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