KENWORTH T800 Beta Truck

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KENWORTH T800 Beta Truck

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Credits: Scs, Franck_Peru Accessory or model : Alejandro_Flores , Av.Toma Engine: Kriechbaum, Sweeth
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5 Responses

  1. Waltencyr Gonçalves Filho says:

    the mod is very cool. I just have a few remarks: the hood mirrors are not working. already the exhausts near the cabin; have to put them a little more inside. he is disturbing the rearview mirror. you can not see the back of the truck so we can engage. we are left with a totally blind spot. the front plates could put it in another position so you do not get lost with the headlights of the bumper. the front back plate. has a black plate that is in the rear bumper that hinders seeing the plate; without being personalized. the personalized badge could be the game. would be cooler.

    o mod está muito legal. só tenho algumas observações: os espelhos do capô não estão funcionando. já os escapamentos perto da cabine; têm como colocá-los mais um pouco para dentro. ele está atrapalhando o retrovisor. não se consegue ver a traseira do caminhão para podermos engatar. ficamos com um ponto totalmente cêgo. as placas da frente poderia colocá-la em outra posição para que não se perca com os faróis do para-choque. a placa traseira da frente. tem uma placa preta que está no para-choque traseiro que atrapalha a ver a placa; sem ser a personalizada. a placa personalizada poderia ser a jogo. ficaria mais legal.

  2. American Trucker says:

    IDK what Waltencyr sees or is complaining about, everything is working just fine BUT needs an update to make it “unbeta”, Also my request, like it matters, is more powerful engines especially Cat, I don’t care to much for the others, most don’t even sound like they belong in anything but a car. Other than that not to crazy about the car carrier theme either, looks nice but think about taking it off. Also if you’re not going to add more engines, pls open the files for people to get into them and alter the HP themselves. Other than that, good job!

  3. kyle pourciau says:

    what order should I put them in my mods, the game crashes when I put the 3 mods in the game.

  4. memecity Crow says:

    the truck is not showing up in my game

  5. Yishai Halahawi says:

    Can you please update this file please. I want to use this as mod in my game. I tried to download it and it came up blank on the mod manager

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