Cat C13 & C15 ACERT Addon Engines for Zeemod’s 3406E Sound v1.0 Mod

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Cat C13 & C15 ACERT Addon Engines for Zeemod’s 3406E Sound v1.0 Mod

Caterpillar C13 & C15 ACERT Add-on Engine Pack for Zeemod’s 3406E Sound Pack.

The follow up to the single turbo 3406E and C15 lines, the C15 ACERT (short for Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology) line, introduced in 2004, was CAT’s second attempt (after the maligned MBN “bridge” engines) to meet increasingly strict EPA emissions rgulations without the use of EGR.

The most prominent change was the switch from a single turbo to a compound setup, designed to work with variable valve actuators to allow the engine to behave like a Miller-cycle engine, reducing combustion temperatures, and NOx emissions with it. While not as highly regarded as their predecessors, early ACERTs still have their fans.

The C15 line would ultimately conclude with the troublesome SDP engines, introduced in 2007, which had a DPF fitted to reduce particulate emissions. However, the regeneration system was poorly designed and would fail often, to the point that CAT was forced to settle a class action lawsuit from disgruntled owners. Facing even stricter emissions regulations for 2010, CAT chose to bow out of the on-highway engine market.

Alongside the C15 was the C13, a 12.5-liter engine that shared ACERT technology with it’s big brother, offering a lighter and more fuel-efficient alternative to the big 15.2-liter C15.

This pack contains 27 variants of both the C13 and C15 ACERT engines for use with Zeemod’s fantastic 3406E sound pack, with the C13 ranging from 335 hp to 470hp, and the C15 from 435 hp to the 625 hp “King of the Hill.”

Each engine comes with unique torque curves based on CAT’s official performance charts, so engines with identical horsepower ratings, but different torque ratings won’t behave identically. Multi-torque engines are included, as well, which switch to high-torque in overdrive gears (8 Low and High on 13 and 18-speed gearboxes).

All credit goes to Zeemod (CheckEngine on the SCS forums) for his 3406E sound pack.
ATS 1.37 and above only (WILL NOT work on lower versions)

Compatible with the following trucks:
– Kenworth W900L
– Peterbilt 389
– Peterbilt 579
– International Lonestar

– Freightliner Classic XL (by Jon Ruda)
– Peterbilt 389 Glider (by Jon Ruda)
– Kenworth W900L “Highway Killer” (by Jon Ruda)
– Kenworth K100E (by Overfloater)
– Kenworth W900B (by GTM)
– Kenworth T800 (by GTM)
– Peterbilt 567 (by GTM)
– Peterbilt 379X (by bigdaddyt150)
– Peterbilt 379/389 (by Viper)

Credits: Cryptopygia, Zeemod
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