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ATS News – Cruising Colorado

With the Colorado DLC releasing tomorrow, November 12th, we’d like to celebrate by inviting you all to take part in our latest World of Trucks event – Cruising Colorado! We know many of you are as excited as we are to visit this beautiful Rocky Mountain state with its breathtaking views and historic places, and we are delighted to announce that this event will reward drivers who contribute to Colorado’s local economy and industries.

We are asking our #BestCommunityEver to achieve the community goal of driving 60,000,000 miles (96,560,640 km) while delivering cargoes to or from any city in Colorado. It doesn’t matter what you haul, gold mining supplies, wind turbine parts, lumber, food, beverages, it all counts, every last delivery!
And, of course, you can use your own trailer during all of this in the external market!

Our Colorado DLC offers 13 fantastic and unique cities that we really want you to visit. So, we’re offering a special reward for completing your personal goal, which will require you to deliver a job to or from each of them. All jobs for the event need to be 100 miles each (161 km) or more, so be sure to read the rules.

We will keep the event running until well after Christmas, so there will be plenty of time to relax and enjoy the ride while earning your rewards.

As you are #CruisingColorado and adding up the job miles, we guarantee there will be new experiences for you like never before. Not to mention, we have included many new viewpoints, offering handcrafted cinematic views, highlighting the attractions of that area.

  • Visit the Four Corners Monument, the only point in the United States shared by four states.
  • Take a drive through Wolf Creek Pass, located deep in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
  • Drive over Red Cliff Bridge, a steel arch bridge that crosses over a beautiful valley.
  • Truck along the I-70, a major east-west Interstate Highway that passes through Glenwood Canyon.
  • Take a job from Denver International Airport, the 5th busiest airport in the U.S. and home of famous Blucifer.

Colorado, Nil sine numine (Nothing without providence), is our latest addition to American Truck Simulator. Know that as you wind down your cab window and settle in for the long haul, we’ll be right there, cruising with you in spirit. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this incredibly beautiful, mountainous, triumphant, epic, and historic state.

Using External Contracts or the External Market, with a World of Trucks-connected profile in American Truck Simulator, the community goal is to drive 60,000,000 miles (96,560,640 km) while delivering cargoes to or from any city in Colorado.

The cities are: Fort Collins, Sterling, Rangely, Steamboat Springs, Denver, Burlington, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Pueblo, Lamar, Montrose, Alamosa, Durango

When a player completes delivery to or from each of the 13 Colorado cities, it will achieve their personal goal.

All jobs for the event need to be at least 100 miles each (161 km), or more.

You can check if your recent deliveries met these conditions using your Log Book in your World of Trucks profile.

Personal goal: Players that deliver cargo to or from each of the 13 Colorado cities will gain a personal World of Trucks Achievement and an impressive Rocky Mountain Bighorn themed ATS truck paint job Steam inventory item.

Community goal: When the community goal of driving 60,000,000 miles (96,560,640 km) during deliveries to or from any of the 13 cities in Colorado is met, and if the player has also achieved their personal goal, then they will receive a hanging Rocky Rodeo Gem ornament Steam inventory item.

We look forward to seeing drivers new and old exploring Colorado for the first time, and we would love to see photos from your first journeys across the state border! Share your screenshots and videos with us using the hashtag #CruisingColorado on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles and we will share our favourite ones (we may even feature some of them in an upcoming blog post!).

Credits: American Truck Simulator
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