Project North West Idaho & Wyoming v0.3.2

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Project North West Idaho & Wyoming v0.3.2

The Northwest project will develop in the northwestern United States, adding Idaho and then Montana. After that, it is planned to map Dakota or Wyoming, which are unlikely to be created by SCS in the near future. Although this is for the distant future.

– ATS 1.36
– All DLC maps (Arizona, New Mexico and Oregon)

– The card was built in DX11, it is recommended to use DX11 with this mod.

Make sure the priorities are set to

SCR US Objects Needed
FLD Prefabs
Project north

To combine with Viva Mexico use Mega Resources file for C2C

Changes in 0.1.3
Detail of the I84 highway near Boise
Added dealer Peterbilt
Signage Enhancements
Added weight station
Various fixes
More details on the last screenshot

Changes in 0.1.2
Numerous fixes
License plates added
More details on the last screenshot

Version 0.3.2 for American Truck Simulator (v1.36.x):
Fixed invisible wall on highways I80 and US93
Fixed crash from a game in Washington state
Fixed hole in washington state
Washington Conflict Fixed

Changes in 0.3.1
Fixed invisible barriers in the Pocatello area (Pocatello)
Reflectors protruding from the ground along I 84 Highway (Mtn Home-Twin Falls)
Fixed rendering distances across the state
Holes on US 93 highway fixed (you should now be able to see mountains, etc.)
Relief breaks in hundreds of places have been fixed.

Changes in 0.3.0
Idaho Content:

– City: Twin Falls (Twin Falls)
– City: Pocatello (Pocatello)
– City: Idaho Falls (Idaho Falls)
– Country roads between Twin Falls and Pocatello
– Significant attractions such as Snake River, Island Park, West Yellowstone and more
– Unique interchanges such as DDI and stack.
– Extension of highway I 84 (Mtn Home – I 86)
– Road: I 86 (I 84-I 15 [Pocatello])
– Road: I 15 (Pocatello Idaho Falls)
– Road: US 20 (ID Falls-W. Yellowstone)
– Road: ID 33 (US 20-WYO 22)

Montana Content:
– City: West Yellowstone (West Yellowstone)
– Road: US 20
– Picturesque Mountain Passages

Wyoming Content:
– City: Jackson (Jackson)
– Road: WYO 22 (Jackson-ID 33)
– City: West Yellowstone (West Yellowstone)
– Views on Yellowstone National Park
– Picturesque Mountain Passages

Credits: DuckieBae
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