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MHAPro Map for ATS 1.32.x

64 cities
63 companies

The map rebuilds almost the entire structure of a standard map: objects, companies, service stations, garages, gas stations, cafes, and much more.
Must have in game: DLC New Mexico and Oregon.

Compatible with some other maps.

1. new small city Lee Vining
– company MHA service
– company gal_oil_gst
– company hms_con_svc
2. new signs in town
3. extension of road 198 in California from Huran to Santa Cruz
4. Huron (CA)
– new company bn_farm
5. Santa Cruz (CA)
– new company mcs_con_sit
6. new signs on road 198
7. Santa Maria (CA)
– new company mcs_con_sit
8. new connection roads around Santa Maria (CA)
9. overlook texture asphalt on road 1
10. new small city San Luis Obispo (CA)
– company chm_che_plnt
– company gal_oil_str
– company mcs_con_sit
– company mha_car_yrd
– company vm_car_pln
11. new company mha_car_yrd (car yard)
12. new signs in around city Obispo
13. new signs in map
14. new look in enter Carson city from West and South
15. new part of road and cross 50 from direction Placerville
16. new part of road 395 from direction Bishop – South
17. new road 95 from Yuma to Ehrenberg
18. new road from El Centro to Yuma and direction Ehrenberg
19. city Yuma (CA)
– company sc_frm_grg
20. Carson ciy (NV)
– new cross in front of city
– connection to new detour around city
– new place for MHA constr company
– new road look around city
21. new company Lowe’s in map MOD
– company lowes_mkt (market)
– company lowes_whs (warehouse)
22. city Carson city
– company Lowe’s whs
– company Lowe’s mkt
23. city Las Vegas
– company Lowe’s mkt
24. fixed connection Holbrook (CA) to DLC Oregon
25. fixed connection Eureka (CA) to DLC Oregon
26. fixed connection from road 299 to DLC Oregon
27. fixed connection cross McDermitt
28. fixed new Errors on west coast caused by SCS with new crosses
29. overlook Bend (OR) and road to Albany (OR) nbr.20
30. overlook road 29 from Bend (OR) to south
31. changed parking places on road 29
32. overlook city Klamath Falls (OR)
33. overlook road 139 (OR)
34. overlook road 395 from 299 to south
35. new small city Alturas (CA)
– company MHA car yard
– company road work
– company MHA service
– company farm stoke
36. overlook 395 to north
37. overlook road 20 from east to west
38. fixed all central California crosses … after 2,5 days work
39. city Show Low (AZ)
– company Plaster & Sons
– company Stell & Metal whs
40. city Las Cruces (AZ)
– new weight station
41. city Alamogordo (AZ)
– new weight station
42. city Roswell (NM)
– company Stell & Metal wrk
– company re_train
– new rail road
– new rail crosses on roads
43. fixed all Farms – sc_farm
44. fixed all Farms – sc_frm_grg
45. fixed all Farms – bn_farm
46. city Sky city
– company Lowe’s mkt
47. city Albuquerque
– company Lowe’s mkt
48. SCS road and Clifton city is in map MOD
49. city Clifton (AZ)
– company MHA service
– company MHA road work
50. city Clovis (NM)
– company Lowe’s_whs
51. city Medford (OR)
– company Lowe’s_whs

Connection in the manager:
1 – MHAPro map ATS_1_32_for_ATS_v1.32_x_Free.scs
2 – MHAPro map ATS_1_32_for_ATS_v1.32_x_Free.scs
3 – MHAPro map ATS_1_32_for_ATS_v1.32_x_Free.scs

Credits: Heavy Alex
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