Custom 53 ’trailer v1.6

Custom 53 ’trailer v1.6

Custom 53 ’traileThe mod adds a new, based on the standard custom 53 ’trailer, as well as one new load. Added as a completely new tuning, and tuning based on the standard, many elements of the trailer have been reworked. The trailer is autonomous, there is only one type of coupling – a single trailer. Be careful that:
1) The trailer is available only for purchase. Unfortunately, in direct traffic and traffic is not registered. Maybe someday I will do it, but I’m not sure about it;
2) All the body looks the same, it is not a bug, and it was intended;
3) Scan new skins for standard trailers will not fit, but the standard game skins have been adapted for this trailer. The archive has a template for drawing your skins;
4) Among the available skins there are skins that may contradict your views, beliefs, etc. etc. These skins will not be censored or deleted. I do not care that because of them you will refuse to use this mod.

Version history:

– Added body sidewalls like standard trailers, as well as the “clean” version without any cracks, rivets, etc. Be careful, skins may be slightly distorted on them;
– Added the possibility of tuning the cooling installation Turbo;
– Recycled some stickers on the door;
– Added painted version of chrome-plated cooling installation;
– Added new stickers on the door;
– Added original chrome doors in two variations (with painted and chrome frame);
– Added chrome front walls with a texture similar to the standard. Also, variations with rivets are added to the front walls; they are only available for the van and isotherm;
– Added new skins.

– Reworked bump stops: now on all chassis they end at the same distance from the front axle. Aerodynamic bump stops are no longer available for a chassis with two axles at the back, because when you try to move the skirts as far as the wheels, like on other chassis, the frame starts to go through the bump stops;
– Fixed position v. 2 bumpers on the right side;
– Added the possibility of tuning the tank (which is put together with cooling units) and its mounting;
– Added new chassis with four and five axles. Both have the same distance between them, all the wheels are rear, the first and last axles are raised;
– Added painted chassis. Be careful, the support and the handle are not painted, as I did not manage to make a painted animated model of supports;
– Added spare tire with painted and chrome mount;
– Added new stickers on the door;
– Added new skins, including adapted from the Classic Stripes Paint Jobs Pack. The DLC itself is not required.

– The front axle at the chassis with separated axles is now lift;
– Added the possibility of tuning the sidewalls of the body. In addition to the painted, chrome and stainless versions are now available;
– Added the ability to install light bulbs in the front of the v. 1-wing;
– Added orange light bulbs for the wings, also added for them small rectangular light bulbs (both orange and red), as on the body;
– Added the possibility of tuning the body frame and cable box, for them the painted version is now available;
– Added doors and bumper with a painted frame;
– Reworked custom bumper tuning: now only the frame is selected in the bumper slot (between chrome and painted), the mount for the number and additional lighting is selected in a separate slot below the main one;
– The cooling unit and the front wall on the reef are now installed independently of each other;
– Added custom mudguards with the ability to install light bulbs on them;
– Added new skins, including on the theme of Halloween and Christmas.

– Fixed skin Mexico;
– Chassis with spaced axles is now legal for California.

– Release.

Installation: copy the downloaded file to the mods folder, connect it in the mods manager
The template is available as a skin.

Version 1.6 for American Truck Simulator (v1.35.x):
– Mod updated for version 1.35;
– Stock wheels are changed to standard. Perhaps this will reduce the required level of purchase for the player;
– Added short tanks for the cooling installation;
– Added the ability to install animated flags in the front and rear parts of the trailer, 4 flags are available;
– Added the ability to install light bulbs instead of reflective tape on the bumper;
– Added a new chassis with four axles;
– Added new options for cable boxes;
– Added the ability to install additional equipment on the front wall (like standard trailers) and the Wabash logo on the door;
– Increased the number of slots for stickers on the doors;
– Added the ability to install rectangular light bulbs on the cooling unit (claddnleft slot);
– In tuning wings added light bulbs, which cast light on the ground;
– Added new stickers and skins.r version 1.6

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  1. Rubber_Duck_64 says:

    I look inside that mod. All skin are made with no contures! No template inside! No chance to make a template by yourself! A warm thank you at Imperator 3 for that! That´s the reason, why I never use this mod!!!

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