MHA Pro Map v1.31

MHA Pro Map v1.31

This map rebuilds and saturates the standard map, adds new cities, roads, interchanges and populated areas.
New unusual companies, new facilities, interchanges and roads.
Complicated unloading in some companies (optional)
New gas stations, parking lots, parking lots, and many other facilities.

Compatible with many cards that do not affect the standard for example Viva Mexico

Version 1.31 for American Truck Simulator (v1.31.x):

1. The new company Concargo
2. The small city of Visalia (CA)
3. New signs around Sacramento (CA)
4. The new city of Carrizozo (NM)
MHA Service
Car service
5. New roads and buildings within the city¸
6. The new city of Corona (NM)
Company Profile
7. New roads to the farm and the environment
8. New signs on the roads
9. New roads around the city of Corona (NM)
10. The new city of Vaughn (NM)
Company Profile
plaster & sons
MHAPro service
11. New signs around companies
12. A new intersection with new signs at Vaughn (NM)
13. Fixed small problems on the map
14. Fixed invisible walls in some places
15. New view of highway 285 in New Mexico
16. Highway 285 for West -> Encino
17. The new city of Encino (NM)
18. New roads around Encino (NM)
19. road 60 to the West
20. Road 60 from Encino (NM) to Socorro (NM)
21. Highway 285 from Encino to 40 north
22. Highway 285 from Highway 40 to North – Santa Fe (NM)
23. A large parking lot for 285 to the big intersection to Santa Fe (NM)
25. Fixed all interchanges in the new version 1.31
26. Some models have been updated from 1.30 to 1.31.
27. Fixed texture on the map in version 1.31
29. Fixed many minor problems with the new update
30. The city of Flagstaff (Arizona)
– MHAPro service company
31. A new intersection with new signs in Flagstaff (Arizona)
32. a new company Target_mkt (market) on the map
33. The City of Stockton (California)
– company Target_mkt
34. A new connection to Oregon (OO) on the road 299
35. New signs around the city of Redding (California)
36. New signs at the intersection in the direction of Redding (California) to Portland (GS)
37. Fresno (California)
– company Target_mkt
– MHA Service
38. Phoenix (Arizona)
– company Target_mkt
39. Farmington (New Mexico)
– company Target_mkt
40. Food Service was changed to Target_whs (warehouse)
– in Cordoba (California)
– in Leightonville (California)
– in Oakland (California)
– in Placerville (California)
– in Smoky (NV)
41. Santa Fe (New Mexico)
– company Target_mkt

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